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Our Advertising / Consignment Options for Sellers ! 

We use the word "consignment" because when you advertise with us, there is no need to advertise anywhere else! We will advertise your car in all the places that really matter! There is no need to place any other ads online. In fact, it is better that you do not do so. Don't even waste your time - we've got you covered !

FREE ADVERTISING !! Place an ad on ClassicCarGuy.com at no cost.
Press the "Add Car" button to the left now to add your car immediately.

We have been in business since 1999 and get a lot of traffic on our website! In this case, regarding your car, you WANT to get stuck in traffic ! Post as many cars as you like on our web site FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. All ads run until sold.

Multi-Website Ad Package. Your car will be featured in advertisements only where it counts. We evaluate results and put create ads that get results currently utilizing sites like CarsforSale.com, ClassicCars.com, eBay.com, and other domestic and European web sites. The Internet keeps changing and we keep changing too when websites do not draw the numbers of inquiries needed. Smart advertising pays. You get a lot of exposure for the money and for much less than you could do it yourself! We challenge you to find a better deal on advertising anywhere on the planet !!

You Can Pay for Multi-Site Advertising and Download the Form Required Below:

              Advertising Options
Consign Online Now!

(You only need to click once. Please check your Download Folder for the file)

Here are the Advantages of the Multi-Website Ad Package:

  • The only cost to a seller is $150.00. No hidden fees or commissions. Not even when the car sells.

  • Sellers remain in control of the selling price at all times. A car cannot, and will not sell for less than you want to receive.

  • Sellers can post dozens of pictures per ad.

  • Sellers may actually receive more than the asking price for a car we list on ebay. This is unheard of in printed media advertising.

  • Classic Car Guy maintains a very high positive feedback rating on ebay, boosting buyer confidence. Our ebay ID is "theClassicCarGuy"!

  • Exposure to millions of automobile enthusiasts. No one we know of is offering an advertising package like ours. This is much less expensive than if you tried it on your own.

  • We have a great reputation for being straightforward and honest with people.

Don't pass up this golden opportunity to sell your car by taking advantage of our $150.00 advertising special. Your car never leaves your driveway! We will correspond to all inquiries about your car. Regardless if you have one vehicle or dozens of vehicles to sell, we can accomodate your needs. The form has lots of information, but if you have more questions please contact our sales department toll free at 888-762-5570.  

Reasons Our Customers Give for Choosing to Sell Their Cars Through our Advertising Package: 

  • "It's really easy. CCG does everything pertaining to the sale of your car!" 

  • "I dont have to be tied to a telephone at all hours of the day or night to sell my car. Buyers can get information when I am away or miss a call."

  • "There are a lot of "tire kickers" out there who only want some one to listen to them as they stroll down "memory lane" reminiscing about the car they owned in high school and they WASTE YOUR TIME! I didnt have to worry about that when I placed my ad on eBay with Classic Car Guy."

  • "I don't like to argue with folks about the price of my car or have to justify my asking price. I know what it's worth and just want to sell it for the price I've established. With a reserve on eBay, I dont have to sell it for any less than what I want."

  • "I actually went on vacation and could relax knowing that Classic Car Guy was representing my car while I was away." 

  • "I was able to maintain complete control of the sale of my automobile." 

  • "I'm sometimes just too busy to go through the process of selling my own car. Not to mention I'm no good at negotiating!"  

 A word from The Classic Car Guy: 

"Here's a photo of me at the Area 551 Airport on the Planet Cruisemania, where I grew up.  This was originally an area where the famous Highway 666 route left the Mojavin Desert toward the coast of the Paxifician Sea to the west. My father once cruised this highway, before it was torn up and the desert used as a landing strip. Many Cruismanians who still dabble with classic cars for nostalgic purposes, occasionally enjoy the gravity-induced feeling of cruising. Some sections of this highway remain, where on any two-star sunset evening such as this one, you will see a few Cruisemanians wearing dark sunglasses and sporting ear-to-ear grins, as they wind their way over the purple Sierravonian Mountains you see in the distance.  

Since the Invention of the Super-Plasma Accelerated Carbon Energy Craft (ie, SPACE-craft), Cruisemanians have been travelling a lot further from home. I've noticed many enjoy consigning their car with the Classic Car Guy when travelling. I highly recommend it to you Earthcruisers."


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