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Classic Car Guy Introduces Car No. 13492:  1982  Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale x 2
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  • Exterior:
  • Interior:
  • Engine: 307
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Odometer/Mileage:
Price:  $5,000

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Michael Johnson   

Tel: 888-762-5570

Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Windows

NADA av retail $2450 high retail $3475 Feel the 80's Vibe again! More pictures will be posted on 5-9 or 5-10. Both Vehicles pictured are for sale and are described as below. Each are pretty much identical except for color. One is cream and the other is Chestnut. Gently used cars and elderly -owned. Priced for a quick sale at $3000 each or $5000 for the pair. Can ship anywhere.

307 V-8 , Full Dual Exhaust , 4 speed automatic TH200 transmission. Power Steering , P/Brakes , P/Windows , Working Air Conditioner , Heater , new Battery , Tires in good condition . The bodies have a few minor marks but each have a good coat of paint, and are shiny. $5000 buys both cars. or $3000 each. They are located in Sacramento CA.

Very solid cars and very clean overall. For cryin' out loud, Look how clean the garage is folks ! Anyone who can keep a garage that clean knows how to maintain an automobile and the garage condition speaks to the condition of these 88s. These belonged to Grandma and Grandpa and were left in the garage for the family to sell. These are not junkers people. They were always kept in this garage in an upper middle class neighborhood of Sacramento where they reside today. These throwbacks have fuel efficient 307 motors (25 MPG on the road) with full dual exhaust that sounds surprisingly good. It has power steering, the kind that you use one finger to steer while the other taps out your favorite tune from the cassette tape playing on the rear speakers. Yes . There was a time when cars had less than 10 speakers and somehow we survived! If you remember, you will know these cars have no cup holders. Do you want a cubby for your cell phone? Ya use the ash tray! (it is clean ) What is the safety rating of these cars? Who knows ? When was the last time you saw some one dead along the road in a Oldsmobile Delta 88 ? Yeah, Im thinking like never. And of course you still needed to turn the headlights on and off manually. Sorry! There is a chime if you leave them on when you get out of the car and no computer will turn them off for you if you ignore it. You also need to move the turn signal up and down with your left hand. A pain, I know. There is no GPS, heated seats email or texting devices in the dash in these cars. You just drive them.

The technology of this era is in that sweet spot where annual emission tests were not needed and mortals can understand how to tune it and repair it. When a mechanic sees it they do not shout out "Buy a New Car!". They know they can work on this. Look at a Ford Escape then look at this Oldsmobile. Which do you want to drive to a cruise night ?

The Air Conditioning works great. You flip a lever and it goes. No computer, no digital readout. If you are cold you move the lever toward heat. If you are hot you move it toward cold. Got it? No computer system that delays your fan until it thinks the time is "right"

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