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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Transportation
  1. Q. When will I get my car?
    A. The further in advance you place your order, the more likely that your vehicle will be delivered in the time frame that you request. If an immediate pick up is necessary, we can often arrange for your pick up within two to three days. If an automobile must be removed from a given location sooner than this, we can arrange for the car to be removed from the premises often same day, and stored in a nearby secured facility until a carrier can pick up the automobile for the long haul. To insure that your car is moved within a relatively timely fashion, we request that you schedule your move as soon as possible. Keep in mind that big trucks move slow and that along the route other cars may need to be delivered or picked up. Unforeseen things happen too – like bad weather, mechanical problems or traffic jams. If you can drive the distance in your sedan in 5 eight-hour days, the delivery truck may take 8 days to do it. By law, drivers can only drive a certain number of hours in a day and can only work so many consecutive days in a row without taking a day off for rest. So…delivery times differ from job to job and depend upon these factors and often many others. Often delays in shipping happen with scheduling the pick up time rather than the drive itself, and this can be for a number of reasons also, but explained mostly because of supply and demand. If your vehicle is starting from or going to a remote location, such as northern regions of states bordering canada, or southern regions of states bordering Mexico, Long Island, or areas of little population, then there is not much demand and fewer drivers frequenting such areas.

  2. Q. How long is this quoted price good for?
    A. This quote is good for 15 days. However, we reserve the right to adjust any quoted price.

  3. Q. Will my car be insured?
    A. Yes, with no deductible. Insurance policies cover your vehicle for full replacement value, while in transit. As an extra measure, we recommend that you seek additional insurance from your local agent while in transit. It is typically not expensive to do so.

  4. Q. How do I pay for my vehicle move?
    A.We require either a small deposit up front ($200-$300 usually) and the remainder payable COD, or pre-payment up front. You can pre-pay with Master-Card, Visa or American Express, Cashiers Check, Money Order, or bank wire or transfer. Cash or Cashiers check at delivery are the most common ways to pay for the remainder if COD.

  5. Q. What is door to door service?
    A. It means that our trucks will make every attempt to pick up the car from a convenient location and deliver it to a convenient location (eg, residence to residence) by the same truck without any unnecessary unloading loading, and without warehousing or transferring the load to another truck. Transport trucks must avoid any roads that may have overhanging trees, because the tree branches could damage the vehicles being transported. As well, transport trucks are typically 80 ft. long, weigh 80,000 lbs., and are built low to the ground. This limits their ability to maneuver in tight spots. For the safety of your vehicle, drivers may choose a parking lot, or interstate turnout that is as close as possible to your residence. This will allow the driver to safely load, or unload your vehicle. It is always up to the driver’s discretion as to where they will drive the truck, since the driver is responsible for both the safety of the transport truck, and the transported vehicles. All quotes are for door-to-door service. However, if you live in an area not safely accessible by transport trucks, this may require you to meet the truck at a nearby parking lot that can accommodate the truck.

  6. Q. Do I have to be present when we pick-up or deliver your vehicle?
    A. Yes, you, or a designated person must be present upon pick up of your vehicle. A contract “bill of lading” will be signed by someone at the point of origin. If no one will able to be present at the point of origin or to receive the vehicle, please call our office prior to the pick up date or delivery date, to confirm an alternate person. However, if there are any changes to the pick up, or delivery address after you have placed your order, there may be an additional charge. Drivers are asked to give at least 24 hrs notice prior to pickup and prior to delivery. We can ask them to give notice sooner if it helps.

  7. Q. How will I know when my car will be picked-up or delivered?
    A. Standard operating procedure is for customers to receive a telephone call 12 to 24 hrs in advance of pick-up,or delivery. This call will inform you of the general time you can expect the transport driver to arrive. If the transport driver's schedule changes, they will call you to provide an updated time for pick-up, or delivery.

  8. Q. How do I prepare my vehicle?
    A. Please have a minimal amount of fuel in your tank. A quarter tank or less is sufficient. You must remove any loose parts. For example, shells or bed liners that are not bolted down may blow off. Phone, radio, and CB antennas that do not retract, MUST be removed,or they may get broken.

  9. Q. Can you guarantee a pick-up or delivery date?
    A. Sometimes. The more preparation we have to try to accommodate your needs, the better. We have better luck working within a 2-3 day time frame of your request. There are so many variables to deal with that our guarantees must come with an explanation that we cannot control the weather, natural disasters, flat tires, mechanical breakdowns, health issues with drivers, traffic jams, etc etc. You get the idea.

  10. Q. How do I check the progress of my car shipment?
    A. We would appreciate you allowing at least one week for scheduling of your vehicle prior to submitting a status request. You will be given a telephone number to call for status upon booking. In many cases you will be notified in a week's time.

  11. Q. It has been longer than I expected, and my vehicle has not been delivered!
    A. Occasionally a late delivery can happen. There are many reasons for possible delay of delivery: Scheduling conflicts, supply and demand of trucks, uncontrollable factors such as mechanical breakdowns, unfavorable weather conditions, and traffic situations, can cause delays. We are aware of how important your vehicle is to you, and we will provide you with a realistic time frame for delivery. If your car is not being picked up fast enough, and you feel you need to take a more aggressive action, sometimes adding a little more money to the shipment can make a big difference. Just $100 added can get the job done. The automobile transportation business can be compared to FED-EX in that freight that pays well, moves faster than freight that does not pay as well. You may not have to pay more. Sometimes we have alternate carriers we can call. We have solutions so call us !

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