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The World is not beating a path to your car so beat a path to the World by advertising with ClassicCarGuy.Com . Everybody knows the Classic Car Guy!

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A word from The Classic Car Guy

"Yo there my chrome-worshipping companions! I have cruised the expanse of the Classic Car Galaxy and discovered very few sites out there where advertising your car is free. If you ever find one, you can bet your last zirconian-plated hubcap that they do not give personal attention to their customers. We do. And frankly, fender huggers, a lot of "classic car" sites are about as exciting as a yawning festival. When advertisiing at one of these sites there is often a time limit on the ad, and maybe they allow a picture or two. But not with us!! You get unlimited photographs and word descriptions for your car absolutely free. Few can compare with our services too - like appraisals, transportation, exchange services, financing and insurance.

I can guarantee you that the Classic Car Guy gives all customers top priority. Changing your ad is never a hassle. There is never a time limit on your ad. You get plenty of space (Man, I love space) and you can track how well our ad is working for you. A classic car guy staff member is always at your service.

I would enjoy having your car on my site for the Universe to see. Submit your ad today and lets get that sled on down the highway."


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