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"Hello shiny metal fans! I'm the Classic Car Guy! As a modest Super Hero of the Planet Cruisemania and Champion for the preservation of the Classic Car Universe, I personally Welcome you to  ClassicCarGuy.Com!"

The Classic Car Guy

Welcome To Classic Car Guy!

In our humble beginnings in 1999, we started off as an automobile inspection company on the West Coast. After a year or two, we grew to offer Pre-Purchase Inspections on Vehicles anywhere in the USA or Canada. We saw that Buyers needed protection when purchasing cars on the Internet and we saved many guys from buying misrepresented vehicles. To meet the needs of car owners, we began allowing owners the opportunity to advertise their cars on our website FOR FREE realizing we could not compete with the huge advertisers like Hemmings.com or AutoTrader.com. INSTEAD, We began affiliations with these companies and others in order to be able to offer car owners unbeatable pricing on multi-website advertising. Classic Cars are our passion and we offer cars that are owned by us and cars owned by other Classic Car Guys and also to offer buyers a safe, intelligent way to acquire a car purchased from the Internet.

Here is Some Helpful Information on How To Use Our Site to Find What you Want:

You can view a list of all of our inventory by using the arrow to the right of the main menu centered above. Or, see the
Inventory Page to view all of our cars 20 at a time.

To quickly search for a certain vehicle use our Search Database window in the upper left of this page . Type in one word only. For instance, type in "Camaro" and hit Go to see all Camaros on the site. Or type in "1950" to see all vehicles on the site that were produced in that year. Caution: You will get mixed results if you dont use one word. For Instance, a search for "Ford Mustang" will pull up all Fords and all Mustangs as well.

If you don't find the right vehicle on this site, then complete our FREE locator service form  by clicking on "Locate a Car"  button. We can help you find the car you are looking for!  

If you have found a car on this site that you would consider purchasing, but have concerns about the condition of the car, email us for more info. You may also wish to get a 3rd party involved to get an objective, comprehensive report please see our Appraisal Page. We perform top-notch Pre-Purchase Inspections and can have a qualified independant inspector check the car out for you. We do not always get to inspect the cars we advertise, and we do not want any of our buyers to have any surprises.

The Transportation Page will be helpful to you too, and includes a table for estimating shipping costs.    

More On Advertising With Us...

Classic Car Guy is a Super Hero when it comes to Advertising!  Add your car to our expanding universe of classic automobiles for FREE by going to the Add Car Page now! OR...if you want to really expose your car to the Universe, try our multi-web site advertising package for the low price of just $150.00. Click on the Consignment page for more info!  

A Personal Word From Classic Car Guy...

"From the bottom of my Nitrous-burning heart I would like to thank each of you for visiting my site. Have fun Crusin' it space cowboys! And be sure to tell a friend about us. Visit again soon because I'm always wrenching on it!"

--The Classic Car Guy

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